ND&M NDet - Detector Software

Supported detector electronics

Image processing capabilities

Supported file formats

Hardware requirements

Features of the NDet Software

ND&M NDet screenshot

The ND&M NDet software offers a powerful easy to use toolset to setup a detector, to capture data from a detector, to process the captured data and to save the data in various file formats.

Full support for the Detector PC and for the AFG and RCP

The software offers full support for the ND&M Detector PC and for systems equipped with a ND&M Realtime Centroiding Processor (RCP) as well as systems with a ND&M Accumulating Frame Grabber (AFG). All parameters necessary for succesful operation of the ND&M readout electronics can be easily chosen in NDet and saved to a file for future reference.

Image processing capabilities

With ND&M NDet the images which were captured from a AFG or a RCP detector system can be processed in the following ways:

Supported file formats

The ND&M neutron detector systems deliver images with a very high dynamic range. Therefore it is necessary to support image formats with more than the 256 shades of grey supported by standard windows file formats. As a consequence ND&M NDet supports the fits file format which is a standard file format in astronomy or an ASCII text file format which can be easily imported into other applications for further data processing.

The standard Windows Bitmap file format is also supported in cases where compatibility to other Windows applications is of higher importance than dynamic range.

Operating Systems and Hardware Requirements

The software is desigend to work with the Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems. A minimum of 256MB of RAM and 20 MB of free disk space is recomended.