ND&M - DMCA 100 Multichannel Analyzer

MCA Software Screenshot

The ND&M multichannel analyzer is a versatile instrument combining three instruments in one. It is the first multichannel analyzer on the market featuring two built in analog to digital converters. This Dual ADC Concept offers high count rate capability and outstanding linearity and resolution at lower count rates together in one instrument. In addition the ND&M multichannel analyzer can be used as a Multi Channel Scaler. The ND&M multichannel analyzer is delivered together with a software package which enables the user to control the operation of the multi channel analyzer and to analyze the data captured by the ADC. Due to the USB 2.0 Interface the multichannel analyzer can be operated with any desktop PC or Notebook.

Dual ADC Concept

Contrary to other multi channel analyzers on the market the ND&M multi channel analyzer has two different built in analog to digital converters. This concept enables to choose between high count rate capability or maximum linearity at low count rates.

The ADC intended for high count rates enables fast and nearly deadtime free pulse height analysis. With a conversion time of only 800 ns this type of ADC can be used at high count rates of up to 600000 counts/s. The disadvantage of this type of ADC is a slightly increased differential nonlinearity. This has the effect that not all channels of the multichannel analyzer have the same width.

The second built in Wilkinson type ADC avoids this disadvantage. The main advantage of this type of converter is that it is free of the nonlinearity effects described above. The disadvantage is the pulse height dependent conversion time of up to 25 us compared to 800 ns of the successive approximation ADC. With the DMCA 100 you can choose between both ADC types by Software depending on your count rate requirements

Multi Channel Scaler

In addition the ND&M multi channel analyzer can be used as a multi channel scaler with a minmal resolution of 25 ns per channel. In this operation mode the ND&M multi channel analyzer measures the time between a digital start pulse and the first detected event. As an example this mode can be used used in neutron time of flight experiments.

USB Interface

The ND&M dual multi channel analyzer can be connected to any PC by an USB 2.0 interface offering high communication speed. For easy integration into existing applications without USB the ND&M multi channel analyzer offers an additional RS232 interface.


The PC software offers full control of all features of the multichannel analyzer and a full set of capabilities to analyze measured data. In addition to the standard software package a dll may be provided enabling easy integration of the multichannel analyzer control and readout in other programs or programming enviroments as Labwindows/CVI or LabView.

Technical Data

Memory 2048 channels with a maximum capability of 1048575 counts
Pulse input Positive, unipolar or bipolar semigaussian max. 10V. Versions with negative pulse inputs available. Overload protection +/- 50V
Interface USB 2.0 compatible plug and play interface
Conversion Time 800 ns (succ. approximation ADC) up to 25 us depending on pulse height (Wilkinson ADC)
Minimum Pulse Peaking Time 250 ns
Discriminators Software selectable upper and lower level discriminators
Additional inputs Four 5V TTL compatible inputs usable as gate inputs or start and stop pulse in MCS mode
Additional outputs Two 5V TTL compatible outputs to indicate dead time or to trigger other instruments